Normal Development

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What to expect

Normal Development

Children will go through several milestones during their development. It is important to be aware of the normal developmental stages children go through when acquiring speech, language and communication, this will help to identify if a child is failing to meet the typical milestones. If your child's speech, language and communication skills are not appropriate for their age this may be an indication that they have a speech, language or communication difficulty.

earlier a speech, language or communication difficulty is identified the earlier the speech and language therapist can intervene and provide appropriate advice, treatment and support.

d out more about the importance and benefits of early intervention.

more information on the normal development of speech, language and communication please follow the relevant links below, which are categorised by age:

al speech and language development:

Specific information on the development of speech, and the typical processes children use when acquiring speech please follow the link below:

  • Development of speech
  • ech and language therapists also assess and treat babies and children with eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties. For more information on the normal development of eating, drinking and swallowing and the warning signs of eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties in babies and children please follow the links below:

    is important to note that the above information serves as a guide only, and there will be a variation in each child's acquisition of their speech and language development.

    you have any concerns over your child's speech, language, communication or eating and drinking at any point within their development it is important to seek advice from a speech and language therapist. If you feel your child is failing to meet the normal milestones of speech, language and communication, it is important that they see a speech and language therapist.

    SLT we provide a friendly and supportive service for our clients and their families. We can offer a range of intervention approaches which will be individualised for the client's specific needs and abilities.

    you feel you and your child may benefit from having a speech and language therapy assessment, or would like to book an appointment with one of our specialist speech and language therapists please email or call 0330 0885 643.

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