Painful voice

How we can help people with painful voice

Painful voice is the word used to describe any uncomfortable feeling when talking. The throat may feel scratchy, sore or strained. The pain can range from mild to severe and will commonly get worse throughout the day as the voice is used more. Speaking may become difficult and some individuals may choose to stop using their voice to avoid the pain.

Speech and language therapy is beneficial for individuals with painful voice as they will be able to determine the cause of this and will be provided with appropriate intervention.

What is painful voice?

A voice problem is when someone has difficulties with speech due to a painful or uncomfortable feeling in the voice box.

What causes painful voice?

Painful voice does not usually occur on its own and can be the effect of many other voice problems, including:

By working on these areas, a client may develop strategies to overcome painful voice. Psychological factors and personal goals can also be taken into consideration when devising a speech and language therapy plan.

How does speech and language therapy help with painful voice?

Speech and language therapy can be extremely beneficial for an individual with painful voice. Speech and language therapy can help individuals to overcome their painful voice by assessing the root cause and developing strategies to manage their vocal hygiene.

Speech and language therapy can help improve any aspect of an individual's communication dependent on their needs. It can also help increase confidence and self-esteem whilst reducing anxiety when communicating with others.

What would speech and language therapy treatment for painful voice involve?

Speech and language therapy for painful voice may include assessments, reports, reviews, therapy programmes, support groups, training, advice and education. Specific treatment for painful voice includes voice therapy.

An initial assessment will be carried out by one of our speech and language therapists. This will highlight any worries and difficulties concerning the voice and communication. It will also provide a chance for you to share any concerns you may have, and allow you to discuss what you would like to work on and improve.


Painful voice can be improved with speech and language therapy. There are many causes for a painful voice, ranging from mild to severe. Certain working environments will make a person more susceptible to a painful voice for example, teachers and singers.

If you feel you may benefit from speech and language therapy or would like any more information on our services please email or call 0330 088 5643.

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