Medico-legal reports

Our report service

Our speech and language therapists provide a specialised service of medico-legal report writing. We can provide medico-legal reports on any area of speech, language, and communication for adults and young people.

Our medico-legal reports will be provided by our specialist speech and language therapists to suit the specific needs and requirements of the client and the report.

Why would an individual need a speech and language therapy medico-legal report?

Speech and language therapy medico-legal reports may be required for the following reasons:

Medical negligence

For example, a head injury resulting in communication problems. In this situation our speech and language therapists will cost the price of the treatment the individual will need, when claiming for compensation.

Special Educational Needs and Disability Tribunal (SENDIST)

In this situation a young adult’s communication difficulties may affect their ability to access their education, meaning extra specialist support is being sought.

An assessment to determine whether a speech, language and communication or eating and drinking problem exists or not.

What will a speech and language therapy medico-legal report involve?

A speech and language therapy medico-legal report will involve the following:

How much does a speech and language medico-legal report cost?

Our medico-legal report writing service is charged on an hourly basis. We will provide a quotation in writing for the initial assessment and the report following an initial enquiry. A breakdown of the quotation will include a document review, detail of assessment, travel costs and preparation costs of the report. The cost of a medico-legal report will vary for each client and will depend on the client’s location and also the time requirements of the assessment and report.

Joint expert meetings, further reports and attendance in court will be billed at an hourly rate.

How to instruct our speech and language therapists

Instruction can be written or emailed to our speech and language therapists. Please provide the following information within the written or emailed instruction document:

How long will the report take?

An initial assessment will generally be undertaken within two weeks of the instruction. Reports are generally provided within four weeks of the initial assessment.

If you feel you may benefit from speech and language therapy or would like any more information on our services please email or call 0330 088 5643.

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