Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy

What is Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT)?

Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT) is a short-term, intensive programme for individuals with aphasia. CIAT is carried out by a trained speech and language therapist and can improve the quality and quantity of language.

Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT) is a short term intensive treatment programme which uses language exercises to target the use of language. CIAT is specifically designed for individuals with aphasia who are having difficulty communicating using speech but are able to use other strategies, such as gesturing or drawing.

CIAT aims to reduce the use of these compensatory strategies in order to enhance the use of speech as an individual's primary method of communication.

Those with aphasia will have lost all or some of their language; this can be receptive, expressive or both. People who have aphasia usually have difficulty finding the correct words and can become frustrated.

CIAT is an intensive programme and usually involves 30 hours of training over 2 weeks. Due to the programmes intensity it requires the individual to be highly motivated when participating. CIAT involves the individual learning prevention techniques to stop compensatory communication, lots of practice and shaping.

This treatment option has been found to be highly successful in improving the language of individuals with chronic aphasia and is an attractive option due to its duration.

This treatment can also be made available to individuals with dysarthria that feel they may benefit from constraint induced therapy.

What are the benefits of CIAT?

CIAT is primarily used to treat individuals with aphasia. Aphasia in adults can be caused by different neurological problems including, stroke, traumatic brain injury and dementia. The main benefit of Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy is increasing use and quality of language to communicate. Other benefits of CIAT include increased confidence in communication, social and emotional benefits and benefits for the patient's communication partners.


Constraint Induced Aphasia Therapy (CIAT) is an intensive language programme for individuals with aphasia caused by stroke or other neurological disorders, who have language problems. CIAT is an effective treatment and increases the quantity and quality of spoken language. CIAT is carried out by a fully trained speech and language therapist.

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