Oseophageal voice training

What is oesophageal voice?

Oesophageal voice is an alternative communication technique used by individuals who have had an operation involving the total removal of the larynx (laryngectomy).

Once the larynx has been removed an individual will not be able to use normal speech in order to communicate.

The oesophageal voice technique is used by swallowing air in and using the air expulsion to cause vibrations in the hypopharynx (bottom part of the pharynx).

The main aim of speech and language therapy for individuals using the oesophageal voice technique is to train the individual in using the technique as effectively as possible. By training the individual to use oesophageal voice it can help to maximise the individual’s functional communication (communication used in everyday situations).

Learning to use oesophageal voice is not easy and the speech and language therapist will support the individual and their parent or carer in training.

With appropriate training and use, oesophageal voice can be used effectively in order to communicate.

What are the benefits of oesophageal voice training?

Oesophageal voice is a technique used when an individual has had an operation to remove the larynx. The main reason for a total removal of the larynx would be because of laryngeal cancer (cancer of the larynx).

The oesophageal voice technique can benefit patients with the conditions including communication problems, voice problems and head and neck cancer.

There are many benefits of oesophageal voice training. The main benefit is being able to communicate effectively with others. Other benefits include increased functions of communication, more opportunity for social interactions and improved quality of life.


Oesophageal voice is a technique used to communicate as an alternative to speech following the removal of the larynx. The speech and language therapist will train an individual in using oesophageal voice following an operation to remove the larynx.

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