Voice workshops suited to you

Our speech and language therapists at SLT UK are able to provide a variety of voice workshops for those who are interested in improving their voice in any way. Voice workshops can be carried out for a variety of different groups of people including, professional voice users, performing arts, students, service providers and carers.

What will voice workshops involve?

Throughout the year, the speech and language therapist will develop an appropriate voice workshop which will target different voice needs.

What types of voice workshops are available?

There are many different types of voice workshops available and these will differ depending on the individual’s specific vocal needs. Different types of workshops can include:

Who can benefit from workshops?

There are many different people who can benefit from voice workshops. People who may benefit from voice workshops include:

If you feel you may benefit from speech and language therapy or would like any more information on our services please email or call 0330 088 5643.

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Worried about your voice?

If you are worried about your voice, do not hesitate to contact us to speak to one of our passionate speech and language therapists.

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If you need any more information on the services we offer or the conditions we are able to help, do not hesistate to contact us.


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