Public sector

Our speech and language therapists can provide specialist services to the public sector including local councils, primary care trusts and social services. Our speech and language therapy service has no waiting lists and provides a range of tailored therapy services to individuals with speech, language and communication difficulties, eating drinking and swallowing difficulties and voice problems.

We can provide speech and language therapy services to help reduce speech and language therapy waiting lists within the public sector.

Our speech and language therapists provide a variety of services, depending on the specific needs of the service. The number of referrals we receive can be agreed and reviewed on a regular basis; this service is an effective alternative to using locum speech and language therapists.

If you feel you may benefit from speech and language therapy or would like any more information on our services please email or call 0330 088 5643.

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We offer a free telephone consultation in order to discuss any concerns regarding your speech, language, voice or swallowing.


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