Stroke rehabilitation groups

What is a stroke rehabilitation group?

At SLT UK we offer a service of stroke rehabilitation groups, for individuals who have acquired communication difficulties due to a stroke. These groups will help to support both the individual and their carers in communicating more effectively. Stroke rehabilitation groups can help to increase an individual’s self-esteem and confidence and also share their experiences with other individuals who have had a stroke.

A stroke rehabilitation group is a support group for individuals who have suffered a stroke. Our stroke rehabilitation groups focus on communication and help the individuals within the group to communicate more effectively. The groups can vary in size and individuals may have varying communicative abilities. Stroke rehabilitation groups can also be termed ‘aphasia groups’.

The content, location and duration of the groups will depend on the particular needs of each individual and also the group as a whole.

Stroke rehabilitation groups can include:

Our stroke rehabilitation groups will usually be led by one therapist, however for larger groups there may be two therapists present. Therapists are there to support the individuals within the groups and make suggestions on how to communicate more effectively.

Our groups welcome individuals of all ages and abilities who have suffered a stroke and also their carers. Our groups are set up for the individuals who have had a stroke to allow them to share their experiences with others.

Groups are not meant to make the individuals feel intimidated. Groups will be friendly and welcoming and focus on topics the individuals wish to discuss. What are the benefits of a stroke rehabilitation group?

Stroke rehabilitation groups can benefit individuals who have suffered from a stroke. Stroke rehabilitation groups help individuals who have communication, speech and swallowing difficulties after a stroke. They will also benefit those with aphasia.

There are many benefits of stroke rehabilitation groups, the main benefit is being able to communicate as effectively as possible and share communication experiences with individuals with similar difficulties. Stroke rehabilitation groups will also provide patients with more opportunities to socialise with others, and this in turn may increase confidence and self-esteem in their own communication.

Groups of these nature may benefit communication partners of the patient as they become more confident in their communication with each other.

Stroke rehabilitation groups are support groups for individuals who have acquired communication difficulties due to a stroke. Our stroke rehabilitation groups offer a friendly atmosphere and welcome individuals of all ages and abilities. Carers are also welcome to attend stroke rehabilitation groups.

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